Getting started…

It’s 2013 and blogging has been around for quite some time, but before this ‘post’ I have never blogged. So why start now? Over the past few years I’ve found myself posting various projects to specific message boards per the subject-matter of the project. Unfortunately, that limits the audience of that particular project to those members alone… when generally, there may a correlation or interest across various people. While I may very likely receive better [technical] responses to questions or issues that I may be having on those subject-specific message boards, I still want to share the progress here. I, like may of you, have a number of interests, and as it’s been shown on the History page those interests can easily translate into expansion areas for Driven By Sound. Having said that, I already have serious interests in a few ‘genres’ which [currently] are: Home Automation, Security and Surveillance, and Photography. For now, I’m going to go ahead and setup Categories which will allow me to specify a particular Category for each individual post. So, if you are specifically interested in following progress regarding my photography interests or projects you should be able to view those alone, rather than having to sort through everything else.

In addition to those Categories mentioned above, I will also be setting up general Categories for Driven By Sound work too: Car Audio & Video, Home Audio & Video, and Vinyl Graphics. This will allow new projects to easily be posted to the site to share with anyone looking for ideas…

I hope you all find this information and method of sharing useful. To avoid auto-bot spamming, I’m going to be leaving comments turned off, unless you are a registered user. If you would like to leave a comment, feel free to register. If you have any issues doing so, feel free to use the Contact page and send a message.


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