Video Surveillance

Have you ever wanted to see outside your home without having to go outside? What about video evidence of someone breaking into your home or your car? Maybe you live in a fairly low-crime area and just want to see who is outside your door (e.g. salesmen) without having to answer it. There could be many different reasons that you might want a video surveillance system installed. Here is a picture of a security camera that I recently installed:

In addition to the camera, a DVR was also installed which allows for up to 8 cameras to be connected and recorded 24 hours a day. The DVR also provides remote access via web browswer (e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox) as well as via application on a smart device. So, whether you are at work or on vacation you can always see what’s going on at your home:

Keyless Entry Installation

Following up the previous blog post, I wanted to post a couple of pictures of a recent keyless entry installation.

This particular vehicle did not have power locks, so door actuators has to be installed. Below is a picture of the actuator installed on the passenger side door:

Door Lock Acutator

Once the actuators were installed, I moved on to the keyless entry system. Here is a picture of the keyless entry installed:

Keyless Entry

Being a keyless entry system, visibility of the system is not as important as it is with an alarm system. Typically, alarm systems are installed in a location which is not easily visible or located. You may also notice that the wiring closely matches most all of the factory wiring. Again, this is not as important with keyless entry systems, but this is paramount with alarm systems so a thief cannot easily locate the alarm wiring and disable the alarm system. However, for consistency and quality reasons, this process is done with all alarms, keyless entry, and remote start systems.

Automotive Security

I’ve been pretty busy lately and have spent any free time I’ve had to some of my own projects rather than providing updates here. Nonetheless, one of the major things that I’ve realized that I’ve left off of the website is automotive security systems. I’ve been installing security systems since I started the business. Unfortunately, security isn’t glamorous and the systems aren’t meant to be seen which makes it difficult to capture pictures presenting an installed system. Having said that, I’ve realized that I do need to add an additional page to the products section which also includes security systems. Realize that this isn’t specifically limited to security systems in the sense of theft, but it also includes keyless entry and/or remote start systems as well. Continue reading