Automotive Security

I’ve been pretty busy lately and have spent any free time I’ve had to some of my own projects rather than providing updates here. Nonetheless, one of the major things that I’ve realized that I’ve left off of the website is automotive security systems. I’ve been installing security systems since I started the business. Unfortunately, security isn’t glamorous and the systems aren’t meant to be seen which makes it difficult to capture pictures presenting an installed system. Having said that, I’ve realized that I do need to add an additional page to the products section which also includes security systems. Realize that this isn’t specifically limited to security systems in the sense of theft, but it also includes keyless entry and/or remote start systems as well.

Since I’ll be installing a keyless entry system in a 2005 Silverado tomorrow I figured now is as good as a time as any to write about it. This particular vehicle doesn’t even have power locks, so the first thing I have to do is install door actuators (motors) to convert the manual locks to powered locks. After that is complete I’ll be adding the keyless entry system…

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