Structured Wiring

I wanted to share some structured wiring installation pictures. Have you heard the term structured wiring before? I usually refer to it in the context of any low-voltage wiring in a home that may be comprised of cable, phone, networking, security, automation, surround sound, etc; it often resides in an in-wall structured wiring panel (aka SMC). Wire management is a key component and/or technique when dealing with structured wiring and I try to combine both form and function with every installation…

Here’s a panel wired for cable, phone, and networking (including surveillance cameras):

Here’s an installation of a cross-platform security/automation system:

Another cross-platform security/automation system:

… an auxiliary security panel:

Nice and clean installations are a result of good wire management, but ultimately the cover panels are designed to hide it all:

I often work side-by-side (no pun intended) with other installers; the DirecTV installer wired the phone and cable, while I wired for networking and surveillance cameras:

I’m glad I was finally able to share these images. As always, if you have any questions feel free to use to Contact Us form.

Video Surveillance

Have you ever wanted to see outside your home without having to go outside? What about video evidence of someone breaking into your home or your car? Maybe you live in a fairly low-crime area and just want to see who is outside your door (e.g. salesmen) without having to answer it. There could be many different reasons that you might want a video surveillance system installed. Here is a picture of a security camera that I recently installed:

In addition to the camera, a DVR was also installed which allows for up to 8 cameras to be connected and recorded 24 hours a day. The DVR also provides remote access via web browswer (e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox) as well as via application on a smart device. So, whether you are at work or on vacation you can always see what’s going on at your home:

Security – Garage Door

When people think of security systems they generally think of protecting entry doors and windows. However, many people don’t think about the garage door. Have you ever accidentally left your garage door open overnight? I know I’ve done it a few times. Today, I installed a contact that detects if a garage door is opened or closed.

If you followed the Home Automation – Introduction post, you may have read that I have an Elk security panel. A few weeks ago I connected the garage door opener to the Elk panel. Doing so allowed me to use the system to control the garage door opener – I could operate the garage door opener, but had no way of knowing if the door was actually opened or closed. Now, with the garage door contact installed, I can now write a rule which checks to see if the door is open each night and can have set it automatically close.